Ask Your Mama

With multiple 2015 Grammy Nominations, Ask Your Mama bursts the boundaries of time, place, and expression, tracing the currents and tributaries of cultural diasporas, from Africa to the Americas, the South to the North, cities to suburbs, opera to jazz, spirituals to be-bop to hip-hop. It is an “Ivesian collage with club-culture remixing” (New York Times) and a plural vision of the American Dream deferred.

A Woman’s Life

A Woman’s Life is a cycle of poems which charts a moving trajectory from childhood to old age. Through a collaboration between Richard Danielpour (composer), Maya Angelou (poet), and Angela Brown (soprano), this historic composition was born. Recorded in 2012 with the Nashville Symphony.

Opera…From a Sistah’s Point of View

From the New York Met, to the Paris Opera, to the world stage in China, Angela Brown’s vocal performances have entertained the world. Angela Brown has created an incredible live concert called Opera…from a Sistah’s Point of View. From a sistah’s point of view, Angela tells opera stories in modern fashion. Listeners connect with the essence of opera, entertained by Angela’s witty commentary. As she says, “Opera ain’t that deep.”


On Friday, October 29, 2004, Angela M. Brown made her Metropolitan Opera debut in the title role of Aida and the music world took notice. A recording dedicated to the late Moses Hogan, it is exclusively made up of African-American spirituals for voice, piano and guitar. Joseph Joubert, pianist, and Tyron Cooper, guitarist, join Miss Brown in a collection of spirituals that take the soul from meditative and introspective to joyful and jubilant.

This Christmas

Angela Brown, America’s most lovable diva, full-tilts Christmas with her new album: This Christmas. Having conquered the opera world, she now pulls us across all genre gaps uniting pop, R & B, classical, and gospel in one sensational voice and Christmas recording. Hearing is believing! This is the holiday album that you will play all season long.