“Ms. Brown can act
the hell out of an opera.”
– Philly Now

 “Vocally, Brown was never less than rapturous.”
– The New Zealand Herald

“Brown’s Tosca is not to be missed.
Her voice is a powerhouse.”
TribLive, Pittsburgh, PA

“The children…were absolutely mesmerized by Ms. Brown’s glorious singing.”
Alexander II Magnet School


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Angela Brown  @msangelabrown
What a wonderful way to bring in 6.0! Rite you… https://t.co/bIHPj1pecO 
Angela Brown  @msangelabrown
Well it’s finally here! The launch of my new… https://t.co/KoxqiqN0zo 
Angela Brown  @msangelabrown
RT @AstoriaMusFest:Mario! MARIO!!! Join us on June 24th to hear @msangelabrown sing those iconic opening lines and let her break your… https://t.co/xae5eCUzJS 


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